Social Dog Daycare

Social Dog Daycare is a great in-between for Specialised Daycare and Out N’ About Daycare. It is held exclusively at our Northside location and has multiple yards available for dogs to roam & play.   Suitable for both large and small dogs, we help build confidence and resilience while getting a great day out!

Dogs attending Social Dog Daycare will receive basic confidence and obedience training throughout the day as well as their monitored playtime. Social Dog Daycare is held outdoors and also has sheltered areas available for protection against the elements.

Need a bath after daycare, our popular Bath n’ Bolt service can be added for just $35.

Social Dog Daycare costs $77 per day and is available on a weekly or fortnightly schedule.

Drop off is between 0700-0900 and pick up is between 1600-1800 and the daycare is located at 148 Parkwood Drive MacGregor.

To book, email us at [email protected]

Our Social Dog Daycare is currently at capacity for medium and large dogs, but we hope to open more places soon! 

Please add your name to the waitlist below to be notified when places open up.