Out n’ About Daycare

Pups4Fun has designed dog Out n’ About daycare to suit a variety of dogs whether it’s the water loving lab, the sheep herding kelpie or the people loving pointer.

Using their knowledge in animal behaviour and dog psychology, the team at Pups4Fun will provide a behaviour assessment for all dogs to determine which service they are suitable.


Out n’ About Daycare are run the same way as a normal daycare centre. Dogs are dropped off to PupsHQ by their owners between 7:30am and 8:30am and then collected between 5pm and 6pm each day. The day will include a morning playgroup, rest session and then afternoon playgroup.

In the morning, after the all the dogs have arrived at the PupsHQ, the dogs jump in the Pups4Fun Shuttle Bus and are taken to various locations around Canberra to walk, socialise and explore their environment. After the morning playgroup, the dogs head back to the PupsHQ for rest time so they can recharge for the afternoon session. The afternoon session begins around 2pm where the dogs head back out for their next adventure. After the dogs are exhausted and their afternoon outing is over, we return to PupsHQ ready to head home happy and tired.

Each morning and afternoon session includes a structured walk specially designed to replicate walking as part of a pack. After the walk, the dogs interact with each other and their environment to develop social skills, manners and burn excess energy. Out n’ About daycare is specifically designed to include structure, stimulation and socialisation.

Some of the outings include but are not limited to

  • Visits to dogs parks,
  • Swimming trips,
  • Cafe visits
  • Agility lessons
  • Bushwalking
  • Nose work
  • Basic training
  • Farm visits and many other fun things!

Gone are the days where dogs go to daycare in just one location!


Price: $88 per dog, per day


Terms and Conditions

*Full payment for services must be made at the time of drop off, if payment cannot be made at time of drop off Pups4Fun have the right to refuse service. 

 All dogs participating MUST have up to date C5 vaccination and all dogs over the age of seven months must be neutered or spayed.

 As we will be conducting some activities away from PupsHQ, it is paramount all dogs arrive before 0830hrs as the bus will  be leaving at 0835hrs. Any dog that is booked in for daycare that has not arrived by 0830hrs will miss out on the day and 50% fee charged. All dogs must be collected by 6pm, dogs that have not been collected by 6pm will incur a $1 per min late pick up fee up until 7pm. If dogs are not collected by 7pm, they will be kennelled at owner’s expense in addition to the late fee.

 Pups4Fun Out n’ About daycare will include a range of activities. For dogs to be suitable for Out n’ About daycare, dogs must be able to take part in all activities offered. If a dog does not have sufficient recall and voice control to take part in our activities (off lead swimming for example), the dog may be asked to take part in an intensive workshop offered by Pups4Fun focusing on recall at a cost to owner before they can join Out n’ About daycare.

 Activities will be determined by Pups4Fun and can be changed at any point. Morning sessions will predominately consist of dog park excursions, with other activities in the afternoon sessions.