Social Dog Walks

Dog walking is an important part of a dog’s life. All dogs despite their breed or size need exercise daily to keep them healthy and mentally stimulated. Dogs are animals designed to walk and migrate long distances daily. Walking allows dogs to release both physical and mental energy.

Dog walking reduces common problems that occur from lack of mental or physical stimulation such as excessive barking, chewing and aggression.  Our Pups4Fun social dog walks are a great opportunity for your dog to get out during the day with a few other friends and get their fix of exercise, fresh air, socialisation all while practicing good walking skills and manners.

While your dog doesn’t need to be the perfect dog to join our group walks, if you are having major issues with reactivity or walking we suggest teaming the walks up with one on one training sessions with one of our recommended trainers.


$60 per dog

If you are interested in social dog walks contact us today.

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