Behaviour Based Dog Walking

Dog walking is an important part of a dog’s life. All dogs despite their breed or size need exercise daily to keep them healthy and mentally stimulated. Dogs are animals designed to walk and migrate long distances daily. Walking allows dogs to release both physical and mental energy.

Dog walking reduces common problems that occur from lack of mental or physical stimulation such as excessive barking, chewing and aggression. At Pups 4 Fun, walks are tailored to suit your dog’s individual needs and last for one hour in duration. Some dogs may require an hour of running whereas older dogs may require a gentle paced walk.

If your dog requires socialisation with other dogs, people or exposure to new areas, Pups4Fun can provide behaviour based walks where the we suit your dog to a group of other dogs for socialisation, exercise, training and fun.


$50 per dog

If you are interested in behaviour based dog walking contact us today.


Walk n’ Train 

Our Pups4Fun trainers will take your dog out for a one on one walk and work on basic skills that you either may not have time to train yourself or your dog just needs extra help on.  Owners can request the trainers work on certain skills or the training team will develop a plan for your dog.  Walk n’ Train comprises of a 45min session made up of walking, urban agility and training any of the below following skills, plus session notes:

  • Loose leash walking
  • Recall
  • Sit stay
  • Drop stay
  • Tricks or assistance dog skills
  • Confidence building activities
  • Reactivity (behavioural consult clients only)


$75 per dog for a one hour session

If you are interested in booking please contact us