Miri at pups4fun dog daycare canberra

Our Pups4Fun Playgroups are a great option for busy owners with energetic dogs, dogs who love to socialise, or dogs who just love to get out and about during the day.  Playgroups give our dogs the opportunity to socialise with other dogs and people while you are at work.  They learn good walking manners in a group as well as work on impulse control in a fun and controlled setting. Our Pups4Fun Playgroups currently operate on Fridays.

Dogs are picked up from home in our Pups mobile between 7:30 – 9:30am.  The morning will be spent doing on lead walking to help promote leash walking skills and teach them to be calm around other dogs.  They will also head to our purpose built PupsPark, a park specially designed for dog off leash play.  At PupsPark they can play, run, chase and sniff and use up all the space doing what they like.  We have agility equipment, three giant sandpits, a pool area and a race track!

Our playgroups are suitable for sociable dogs of all shapes and sizes. While we don’t specifically train each dog to have leash manners, its often something they pick up from other dogs in the group so we can work with most on lead issues.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our playgroups or fill out one of our New Client Forms to get started.

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