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Pups4Fun provide expert and quality care from our professional team of bathers and stylists.  Our newly renovated salon includes all the modern conveniences to ensure that your pup is comfortable with minimal stress.  Our team are all passionate about dogs and dog grooming, and complete regular training and upskilling to ensure each dog gets the best personal experience for them.  We can work with anxious dogs who need that little bit more extra attention, and groom dogs of all sizes and breeds.

We have a range of services to suit all breeds and coat types from a quick bath n’ bolt to deshedding and full styling.  We have two grooming sessions per day to allow the dogs extra time to relax and take breaks so they are not rushed.  


The Gold Full Groom includes a bath and blow dry, full body stule clip and sanitary trim, ear cleaning, nail trim and finished in premium cologne.  We recommend a full groom 6-8 weekly depending on coat type and length.  Price may change depending on length and style of cut, and size of dog.

The Silver Bath n’ Tidy includes a bath and blow dry, ear cleaning and nail trim.  A tidy up trim of face, feet and sanitary areas and finished in premium cologne.  No length is taken off the body.  Price may vary depending on length of coat and size of dog.

The Bronze Bath n’ Dry includes bath and blow dry, ear cleaning and nail trim finished with premium cologne.

Deshedding is designed for double coated breeds such as Labradors, Border Collies and Spitz breeds.  The process includes a bath and blow dry and removal of dead undercoat.  Nail trim and ear cleaning, and tidying up of feet, feathering or sanitary areas if required.

The Bath n’ Bolt is a quick service which includes a bath and towel dry, with a quick force dry to remove water from the coat.  Nail trim can be added for $5.

Our Pamper Package keeps your dog looking and feeling great.  It includes grinding of nails, a berry facial scrub, upgraded shampoo including whitening or volumiser and Warren London coat conditioner and paw butter.

locations and booking times

Pups4Fun Grooming Canberra


Monday to Friday
Morning appointments 7:30am drop off, 12:30pm pick up,
Afternoon appointments 1pm drop off, 5-6pm pick up
**Unless otherwise notified by staff on the day**

other salon services

hour of shower

Monday to Thursday evenings 4-5pm
Bath n' Bolt (Bath and towel dry)
No bookings required, just walk in
$35 per dog, $5 extra for nail clipping
**Conditions apply, no extra large breeds or long haired breeds**

free puppy wash

Our free puppy wash program offers a safe and fun environment for your pup to experience their first professional bath. Our team will take the time to get them used to a noisy salon environment while they are still in their critical learning period and can quickly learn that it doesn't need to be scary. They will be introduced to hydrobaths and high velocity dryers as they have their bath and get fresh and clean. Our groomers will get dogs that will need clipping used to the sound and feel of the vibration of clippers while they eat some yummy treats. We want all puppies to be set up for a lifetime of great experiences in grooming, so getting them in early is key.

PRice and Sizing Chart

Small Dogs

Breed Example: Toy Poodle, Fox Terrier, ShihTzu, Maltese Terrier, Dachshund
from $56
  • Bronze - Bath and Dry: from $56
  • Silver - Tidy Up: from $72
  • De-shed: from $95
  • Gold - Full Groom: from $95

Medium Dogs

Breed Example: Cocker Spaniel, Cavoodle, Cavalier King Charles, Cattle Dog
from $67
  • Bronze-Bath and Dry: from $67
  • Silver - Tidy Up: from $80
  • De-shed: from $116
  • Gold - Full Groom: from $116

Large Dogs

Breed Example: Labrador, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever
from $80
  • Bronze - Bath and Dry: from $80
  • Silver - Tidy Up: from $106
  • De-shed: from $138
  • Gold - Full Groom: from $138

XLarge Dogs

Breed Example: Newfoundland, Great Dane, Samoyed, Malamute, Husky, Groodle
from $93
  • Bronze - Bath and Dry: from $93
  • Silver - Tidy Up: from $116
  • De-shed: from $158
  • Gold - Full Groom: from $158
  • PRICE RISE FROM 1 JULY 2020 – A $3 price rise across the board will occur from 1 July 2020 for all grooming services except nail clipping and bath n’ bolt.

  • Please note individual quotes may vary depending on coat condition and temperament of the dog. Matted dogs are hard to groom dogs will incur a surcharge starting at $20.
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