Specialised Dog Daycare

Pups4Fun daycare centre; for dogs that love to socialise and enjoy human company.

Our daycare is specifically for puppies, senior and small dogs. We run a puppy program to give owners a structured place to send their dogs whilst they are at work.

The critical learning period of a dog, where a majority of brain development occurs is between the age of 8 and 16 weeks. It is during this period puppies need to explore their environment and learn. It is recommended by Dr Ian Dunbar and other dog behaviourists that by the time a puppy is 16 weeks it should have meet 100 different people and 100 different dogs. Pups4Fun specialised daycare is the perfect place to start your dogs learning.

AJ and StevieWe strongly believe in puppy socialisation. Puppy socialisation includes desensitization to objects and sounds, understanding and exploring their environment, and learning rules and boundaries. Being a social dog is about having good doggy manners, to both humans and animals, and having impulse control. Pups4Fun specialise in puppy learning and development to give puppies the best chance to grow up to be well rounded members of society.

Located centrally in Weston Creek at PupsHQ, Pups4Fun offers specially designed daycare for your dog. Specialised daycare gives dogs that might not be suitable for our Out n’ About daycare due to age, physical ability or size, the chance to socalise and be around other dogs. The Pups4Fun Daycare is open between 7:30am and 6pm Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.



A Typical day in Daycare

7:30-9am – Dogs Arrive and get acquainted with each other

9:30amMorning Activity Session – In the morning session we play more high energy games as everyone comes in ready and rearing to go. We monitor play between individual dogs and have controlled ball games and bubble play.

11amMorning Training Session – Our morning session includes brain games, food puzzles and individual training. This includes basic obedience, crate training and impulse control training.

12pmRest Session – During rest time the lights are dimmed, soft music plays and aromatherapy oils are released into the air. During this time dogs can rest after their morning sessions and have plenty of time for cuddles. Rest time teaches your dog to be calm around other dogs and encourages impulse control

2pmAfternoon Activity Session – In the afternoon session low energy games are played, giving everyone time
to wake up after their rest.

3:30pmAfternoon Training Session – In the afternoon we go over some of the training learned in the morning. During this time we do desensitization work, with both sounds and objects.

4:30pm – Dogs start to head home and each dog says their goodbyes until next time.

 *The day maybe adjusted to suit the group of dogs on the day. Changes might include more rest breaks for puppies or less interaction for senior dogs or those recovering from surgery.



Full Day: $66 per dog, per day

Terms and Conditions

*Full payment for services must be made at the time of drop off, if payment cannot be made at time of drop off Pups4Fun have the right to refuse service.

 All dogs must have C5 vaccination if they are over 12 weeks of age. Dogs under 12 weeks must have at least 1 C3 vaccination. Pups4Fun will take care to minimise spread of disease with all dogs in care. Young dogs yet to have all vaccinations join daycare at owner’s risk. Elderly dogs that no longer require vaccination boosters also join daycare at owners risk. All dogs over the age of seven months must be neutered or spayed.

 All dogs must be collected by 6pm, dogs that have not been collected by 6pm will incur a $1 per min late pick up fee up until 7pm. If dogs are not collected by 7pm, they will be kenneled at owner’s expense in addition to the late fee.