Positions vacant

Pups4Fun Recruitment Process

As one of Canberra’s largest pet industry employers, Pups4Fun is always on the look out for passionate and driven people to join our team!  We are keen to employ the best people who strive to offer the best service and seek knowledge every day!

Our recruitment process starts with your Application Form, this is what tells us all about you and who you are as a person.  What are you passionate about, what life experiences you’ve had and who you want to be in the future.  Give us as much detail about you to give yourself the best chance.  We love bringing together people from different walks of life as we all have something to offer, so a lack of dog experience isn’t a big deal.  We are keen to know what motivates you and lights you up!

You will then be invited to a Group Interview where we get to put a face to the name and meet you in a group setting.  Great customer service is super important to us, as while we all love dogs we have to love people just as much.  We want to see how you relate to others, with a team of nearly 60 staff team work is super important.

We will then progress to an In Person Interview where we get to know more about you and what you want in a workplace, what your career aspirations are and how you will fulfil the role.

Our final step is a Working Trial where we will get you in and working with groups of dogs or washing dogs in our salon to evaluate your ability to take instruction and answer questions you may have about what we do.

Our group interviews and working trials are set dates each year that we intake new employees.  Potential recruits will need to be available for these opportunities, or may need to wait until the next round (substitute dates can be made on occasion).

Group Interview Dates 2023

Tuesday 27 June - 2pm - Pups4Fun Northside
Tuesday 29 August - 2pm - Pups4Fun Northside
Tuesday 31 October - 2pm - Pups4Fun Northside

Working Trial Dates 2023

Tuesday 4 July - 1-4pm - Pups4Fun Northside
Tuesday 5 September - 1-4pm - Pups4Fun Northside
Tuesday 7 November - 1-4pm - Pups4Fun Northside

Positions Vacant

Full Time and Casual Canine Crew

Pups4Fun have several positions vacant for Casual/Part Time and Full Time Canine Crew to join our team. All our training is provided in house, so what we are looking for is a willingness to learn, get out and be active, and have fun working with dogs. Our team are all passionate learners, and we strive to be the best at what we do.

Casual Dog Trainers

Pups4Fun have positions available for dog trainers to join our training team. Teaching anything from puppy classes, to Beginner and Intermediate and special interest classes we have something for everyone. With great facilities and room for self development, our passionate team are always looking to learn and do more!