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Our Pups4Fun team are excited to announce the opening of our new northside location in Belconnen, ACT.  We were thrilled to be able to take over the reigns from Gel and the Paws2Play team and continue providing great pet services for the dogs of the northside.

We were very happy to retain most of the Paws2Play team who will join us in expanding their existing services, and bringing some of our training and behaviour focus to dog daycare.

Comprising of two locations at 138 and 148 Parkwood Road Holt, we will be operating dog and puppy daycare and offer a pick up and drop off point for our ever popular Out n’ About Daycare service.  We will soon be opening dog training with the first of our puppy classes due to commence on Tuesday 2 August.

While we aim to keep as much of the Paws2Play services the same, we do need to make some changes to improve efficiency and divert staffing back to doing more fun things with dogs.  Some dot points of the main changes are below, and you can read more in our FAQ”s listed on this page.

We welcome feedback and can’t wait to meet the rest of the wonderful Paws2Play clients as we continue on into the future.

– From Monday 2 August, all dogs will move to Pups4Fun Northside (Big Paws) at 148 Parkwood Road while we complete works at the other site

– From Monday 2 August, opening hours will change to Monday to Friday 0730-1800hrs.

– From Monday 2 August, unless otherwise arrange, pick up and drop off times will change to drop off between 0730-0900 and pick up between 1600-1800hrs.

– From Monday 2 August we will cease taking cash payments.  All payments will be required to be made in the morning at drop off by card, and a weekly direct debit service will be made available.

faq's for existing paws2play clients

We hope to make this transition as easy as possible for all clients, but we will need to make some changes to operations so that we can complete some capital works and make room to offer more great services for the dogs of Canberra.

  • From Monday 2 August, all dogs will be moved to Pups4Fun Northside, 148 Parkwood Road. This will allow us to renovate and complete capital works at 138 Parkwood.  There may be a need to move all dogs back later in the year to allow us to complete works at 148 Parkwood Road, but we will inform you on dates as we get closer to this happening.
  • From Monday 2 August, opening hours will change to 7:30-6pm daily.
  • From Monday 2 August, unless previously arranged, pick up and drop off times will change to drop off between 7:30-9am and pick up 4-6pm.  These times will be quite strict, as our daycare program will begin at 9am.  Our team will start introducing some training throughout the day in while the dogs are in daycare.
  • From Monday 2 August, we will cease taking cash payments. Payments can be made by card at drop off, and we will offer alternative payment methods shortly.

Yes, we will be introducing some of our Southside services to open up further opportunities for northside dogs to access our various forms of daycare.

  • Specialised Daycare will be opening soon! This indoor service is specially designed for small dogs and puppies who may not be fully vaccinated, or need to gain confidence to gain those super important social skills.  Our Canine Crew spend the day working on basic obedience skills, building confidence and resilience and socialising dogs with others.
  • Our Out n’ About Daycare service will open a northside pickup and drop off from Monday 2 August which will operate Monday to Thursday. This allows northside dogs easier access to our premium service, which includes trips to PupsFarm and outings around Canberra.  PupsFarm is made up of PupsPark, over one acre of specially designed dog space including agility equipment, pools, three huge sandpits and climbing structures.  In the Spring we are also launching a one acre fenced in dam with beach entry as part of the Out n’ About service.
  • We are currently finalising our dog training classes and programs, but will open Puppy classes in early August, and Beginner classes soon after.
  • We are committed to maintaining prices for existing Paws2Play daycare clients at $60 until 30 June 22.


  • There will be some price increases for dog and puppy training due to a 2.5% wage increase in July 21, an increase in superannuation payments and electricity price rises.

We are unable to offer packages at this time, however all existing Paws2Play clients will remain on the $60 price for Social Dog Daycare until 30 June 22.  Due to the works we will commence soon, we don’t want to offer up something that we may not be able to provide due to space.

Pups4Fun was established in 2008, and has been providing dog daycare, dog walking, dog training and dog grooming throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan for over thirteen years.  We have a team of over 45 staff and currently service around 650 dogs a week through our various services. 

We pride ourselves on our passion for learning, and building knowledgeable and skilled professional teams.  We have won a number of awards including Rhiannon being awarded the Small Business Winner in the 2020 Telstra Business Womens Awards.  We are currently a finalist in the Skills Canberra – ACT Training Awards for the ACT Medium Employer of the Year.

Yes, we still have many of the existing Paws2Play staff so your dogs will know their carers well.  Some of our Pups4Fun team will integrate into the northside team, and we will also offer the opportunity for Paws2Play staff to move to our Southside location.

Frenchie and Aussie
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