Puppy Socials

Pups4Fun Puppy Socials are one off events designed for puppies aged 10-18 weeks to socialise and build confidence in a safe and controlled space.

Our team of experienced trainers will talk to you about healthy play and any training needs, plus build confidence on equipment.  Puppies can play off lead with other puppies and build social skills to set them up for life.

Puppy socials run for one hour in our indoor locations at Fisher or Holt.  The rooms are disinfected prior to use so are safe for puppies once they have had their first vaccination.

Puppy socials are $34 per puppy, with two people being able to attend per pup.

puppy socials - Southside

Wednesday 11 May - Small Breed Social - 6:15pm - AVAILABLE

puppy socials - northside

No socials available at this time