Puppy classes

Pups4Fun puppy classes are run at our indoor puppy daycare in Weston Creek, Canberra.

Our team of instructors are led by Dallas Burkevics, who holds a NDTF Cert III in Dog Training and Behaviour, a Professional Member of the IACP and has over 10 years of professional experience working in the dog industry.  Our classes are  assisted by our team of socialisation experts who manage play and dog interactions on a daily basis.  We aim to both teach you how to train your puppy, and to give your dog confidence and social skills that will set them up for life.

The classes run for four weeks and will cover socialisation, confidence building, loose leash walking, basic obedience and how to deal with common behaviour issues.  Your class price includes:

 – A puppy handbook

 – A free puppy wash voucher and a free puppy daycare voucher

 – Entry to our Pups4Fun puppy class owners group

– Discounted VIP Grooming Membership for $49 for puppys first year


pups4fun puppy classes

$ 199
  • Four weeks of fun learning for your puppy
  • Free puppy wash and puppy daycare voucher
  • A comprehensive puppy care handbook
  • Entry to our puppy owners support group
  • A discount voucher for our VIP Grooming Membership
pups4fun puppy classes canberra
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