pups4fun puppy classes canberra

Pups4Fun puppy classes are run at our indoor puppy daycare in Weston Creek, Canberra.

The classes are run by Eleni Butler of All Round Good Hounds.  Eleni is a NDTF qualified dog trainer who has over ten years experience in the animal industry as a dog and puppy trainer and foster carer.

The five week class covers basic obedience, behaviour and socialisation and is held indoors with heating and cooling.  Puppies and their owners will learn the skills to become confident social members of the community.  

Puppy classes are essential to setting your pup and yourself up for success.  Each pup will also receive advice from the Pups4Fun grooming team and a free puppy wash and daycare voucher.  

People sometimes ask the difference between the classes run by Eleni, and classes run in pet shops.  The reason is simple, you are booking with a professional dog trainer!  Many pet shop trainers (not all) are kind hearted and generous dog lovers, but don’t have the knowledge of someone like Eleni.  She spends thousands of dollars each year updating her skills and techniques and studying dog behaviour, therefore providing your pup with the best care.  This can make all the difference if your pup has any existing fear issues. It can also ensure they don’t develop them through a poorly managed puppy school.

Puppy classes are currently held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

For more information and to book contact Eleni on 0409 575 492 or email [email protected] 

pups4fun puppy classes canberra
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