Nina Ottosson Dog Hide n’ Slide Puzzle


Fight boredom and keep your dog busy with the Nina Ottosson Dog Hide n’ Slide puzzle. Fun for all dogs, regardless of age, size or breed, the Hide N’ Slide entertains, engages and challenges your dog every time they play!  The Dog Hide N’ Slide provides lot of fun for your pup every time they play with it. Just hide dog treats or kibble in the compartments of this treat dispensing dog game and watch as your dog learns to release the hidden treats inside.

The Nina Ottosson Dog Hide N’ Slide puzzle is made to look like real wood, but its unique composite material has all the benefits of both wood and plastic. It’s more durable than wood, easy to clean and will not splinter or snap like wood while your dog plays with it. This dog game has built in play pieces that don’t come out when your dog plays with it.  Durable construction also helps to keep this dog toy intact, making it your new go-to dog game time after time.

Elevated play pieces in the Nina Ottosson Dog Hide N’ Slide puzzle help dogs access treats and move pieces more easily keeping them entertained and engaged.  Different from Level 1 dog games, Level 2 Nina Ottosson dog games present your dog with more interesting ways to problem solve, while giving you new ways to teach and train your dog.

Nina Ottosson Dog Hide n’ Slide Videos

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