Enrichment Guide for Dogs


Our Pups4Fun Enrichment Guide for Dogs gives you ideas and tips for enriching the life of your dog!

If you are suddenly working from home and need tips on how to navigate this time this guide will help. Alternatively, if you are working longer hours away from home there are quick and easy ideas to tire your dog both mentally and physically.  Dogs need both mental and physical exercise to be balanced and healthy.  Providing this can sometimes be a challenge.

All dogs need enrichment.  We’ve seen through recent self isolation that being home with nothing to do gets boring pretty quickly.  This is the life our dogs live every single day, so we need to do things to help!

Purchase our Enrichment Guide for Dogs which comes in a downloadable e-book and get started straight away.  You can team it up with other enrichment products from our online store.

Why team up your new enrichment feeding, and training with getting your dogs nutrition on track too.  Its an easy way to help change your dogs behaviour, by ensuring they live at optimal health.  Follow our friends at Chefs and Dogs for some great ideas for raw feeding.



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