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Pups4Fun is one of Canberra’s largest pet industry employers.  To us its more than just a job, its a lifestyle!  A career at Pups4Fun keeps you challenged and learning in this dynamic environment.

Our employees live, breathe and work with animals in a variety of different ways.  We seek out team players who are passionate about learning more and doing more with our pets.  We love to help keen dog enthusiasts carve out a career in the pet industry.

Pups4Fun is unlike many others in that we cross train internally to set our staff up to work in all areas including puppy daycare, dog walking, playgroups and grooming.  This allows our staff to become well rounded and knowledgeable in all facets of a dogs physical and mental wellbeing.  Our staff attend monthly training sessions on a variety of subjects and new staff receive a comprehensive training program.

We encourage our staff to seek external learning opportunities and our team can often be seen interstate attending workshops by local and international dog trainers.  Just some of the workshops we have attended include:  Suzanne Clothier, Esther Schalke and Hans Ebbers, Forrest Micke, Josh Moran, Chad Mackin, Jay Jack, Ian Dunbar and Mike Suttle.  Our staff participate in dog sports and other learning including Noseworks, Tracking, Lure Coursing, Herding, TV work and we even have a therapy horse trainer.  We hold certificates and degrees including NDTF Cert III in Dog Behaviour and Training and Certificate III in Grooming.

We welcome enquiries from people with experience in the animal industry, or those just starting out who want to learn more.  Email us at [email protected] with more information about yourself.

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Pups4Fun job ad
Pups4Fun Job Ad
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