Terms and Conditions

1. Pups4Fun may refuse services or admittance to my dog at any time.

2. I recognise that there are risks of illness and injury to my dog as a result of its participation in services provided by Pups 4 Fun, including illness or injury caused by other dogs. I place my dog under the care of Pups 4 Fun fully aware of these risks and voluntarily assume these risks.

3.(a)To the fullest extent permitted by law: I agree not to make any claims against Pups 4 Fun, and not to hold Pups 4 Fun liable, for any loss, damage, illness or injury suffered by my dog as a result of, or relating in any way to, my dogs participation in any services offered by Pups 4 Fun,

3.(b) To the fullest extent permitted by law: I fully release Pups 4 Fun from any existing or future liability of any kind arising from or relating in any way to my dogs participation in any services offered by Pups 4 Fun, and will fully indemnify Pups 4 Fun in relation to any liability or costs incurred by Pups 4 Fun as a result of any such claim brought by me.

4. I agree that, if illness or injury occurs to my dog, Pups 4 Fun may not notify me immediately.

5. Should my dog need urgent medical attention whilst under the care of Pups 4 Fun, and the nominated emergency contact person is not immediately contactable, Pups 4 Fun may immediately seek veterinary attention for my dog. I agree to be fully responsible for all costs and expenses incurred as a result of this course of action and will fully indemnify Pups 4 Fun in relation to all such costs and expenses.

6. I will be fully responsible for all loss or damage caused by my dog to any another dog, person or property while under the care of Pups 4 Fun and will full indemnify Pups 4 Fun in relation to any liability or costs incurred by Pups 4 Fun as a result of such loss or damage.

7. To comply with the ACT Animal Code of Practice, a euthanasia waiver is required should your dog be seriously injured or unwell. Pups4Fun will exhaust all possible avenues to advise you of the incident and the condition of your pet. If Euthanasia is reccommended by a veterinarian and we are unable to reach you or the listed emergency contact, the veterinarian may euthanase if the welfare of your dog is compromised by further delays.

I warrant that:

  • I have disclosed and discussed any prior aggressive or threatening behaviour by my dog towards any person or other dog,
  • my dog has up to date vaccinations and has a current vaccination certificate,
  • my dog is in good health and is free from any illness that could be communicated to other dogs, and
  • where my dog is participating in group activity services, that my dog has been neutered or spayed if it is over 7mths of age.
  • Cancellation of ANY services with less than 24 hours notice and no-shows will be charged $35 fee per dog per service.

Payment Terms

For all services provided at PupsHQ (ONAD, SD and GROOMING), we cannot release a pet until payment is made. The terms of payment are strictly at time of service or by the due date listed on invoice if an invoice is issued. An itemised account of all charges, costs and disbursements will be provided on the invoice.

Payment methods are: EFTPOS, Direct Debit, cash, credit or debit cards. We do not accept American Express, Diners Card, Cheques or Bank Transfer.

Direct Debit Payments

Pups4Fun accepts Direct Debit payments though Ezidebit Pty Ltd. Pups4Fun requires direct debit agreement be entered into for all services provided outside PupsHQ (WALKS, TRAINING and PLAYGROUP). All direct debits will be charged and debited weekly on a Friday from the nominated bank account or credit card supplied to Pups4Fun.

Click Here to view EziDebit DDR Service Agreement


Bath n’ Bolt Package Terms and Conditions

  • Unlimited Bath n Bolt services (bath and towel dry), however we do not recommend washing your dog more than once per week.
  • prices based on a 12 month subscription
  • Subscription amount will be deducted from nominated account weekly on Mondays.
  • Accounts can be paused if you are going away  or dog is injured (for a maximum of 4 weeks in a calendar year). 14 days notice must be given in writing 2 weeks prior to the start of pause date.
  • All direct debits will be paused for the Christmas shutdown period of 2 weeks. Dates to be advised.
  • Pups4Fun requires 14 days written notice of the cancellation of any direct debit packages. If no notice is received a cancellation fee may be charged.
  • Pups4Fun reserves the right to cancel any contract if they feel a dog is not suited to a certain service area.
  • Bath n’ Bolt package does not include nail clipping, however this can be added on as an additional service for 50% discount.
  • Bath n’ Bolt package includes standard shampoo, sensitive skin and medicated shampoo will be additional cost.

Terms and Conditions for Venue Hire – Pups4Fun Northside and Canberra Dog Hub

  • Full payment must be made prior to the booking via the invoice issues by Pups4Fun.
  • Cancellation over 48hrs will result in a full refund.
  • Cancellation under 48hrs will incur a $100 booking fee.
  • The hirer is welcome to use any equipment or facilities in the area hired, bust must ensure they are returned
  • The hirer will be responsible for any damage done to the premises during the time of hire
  • The hirer is responsible for cleaning of any rubbish and dog faeces, bins are located outside the facility for rubbish.


    The hirer or any associated person shall indemnify Pups4Fun against:

    • Loss or damage to property of Pups4Fun, and
    • Claims by any person against Pups4Fun in present of personal injury or death, or loss of or damage to any property, arising out of or as a consequence of the hirer’s use of the venue or the venue facilities

    Public Liability

    All third party suppliers, where permitted, must have public liability insurance to the value of $10 million.

    We reserve the right to request evidence of the supplier’s insurance prior to the applicant being provided use of the venue. Such evidence to be in the form of a certificate of currency issued by the insurer (not the broker).