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Our staff specialise in behaviour and we offer some of the only group activities of their kind in Canberra.  We love to see dogs building their social skills and confidence through structured socialisation and play.

Unlike other daycares, our Specialised Daycare offers one on one training, confidence building activities and structured socialisation to ensure that pups grow up in controlled and confidence canines.

Out n’ About Daycare / Playgroups / Walks / Daycare

Just fill out our online New Client Form and the form relating to the service you wish to book and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange an introductory meeting.   At the meeting we can discuss our services and how it all works, and of course meet you and your dog.  


You can either book online using the link on our homepage, or email or call us to make an appointment.  All new clients will need to fill in the New Client form so we can get to know your dog.

Our Specialised Daycare, Out n’About Daycare and Grooming services require dogs to be dropped at our PupsHQ in Fisher.  However, we also offer group walks and playgroup which includes pick up and drop off from home.

Playgroups / Out n’About Daycare / Walks

We generally take dogs for these services from about 5-6 months of age, but we work on a case by case basis depending on size, age, breed and temperament.  Our staff can discuss this with you at any time.

Specialised Daycare / Grooming

As long as your dog has had at least one vaccination we welcome them into our Specialised Daycare and Grooming programs.  Puppies have a critical learning period round 6-16 weeks so we recommend getting him in nice and early to learn and socialise.

Yes, all dogs attending any of our services must have a C5 vaccination.  We do accept titre testing on a case by case basis, please talk to our staff if required.

Playgroups / Out n’ About Daycare / Specialised Daycare

We accept entire dogs in our group activities until they turn around 6mths of age.  Male dogs who have approval to remain entire from the DAS Registar can remain entire until approximately 12mths providing it does not become an issue for them or other dogs.  This is done on a case by case basis and if the behaviour of the entire dog or the behaviour of the dogs in the group towards the entire dog is affected then we welcome them to move to our group walks.

Walks / Grooming

We accept entire dogs in our grooming and walking services.  Walks are cancelled while a bitch is on heat.

Absolutely!  We have a lot of rules and boundaries on our walks and will teach the dogs what we expect as we go along.  We find that they pick up on what to do from the other dogs in the group.  We also use gentle leaders to help us steer and control the dogs.

Yes, daycare can help with anxiety through building confidence and tiring the brain.  However we do recommend you also have a consult with our trainer so we can address the whole picture and get the dog on the right track.

Absolutely!  We do anything from a deshed for a Newfoundland to clipping for a toy poodle.  We work with a lot of dogs with behaviour problems who need to build up their confidence with the grooming process.  Our emphasis is on making sure the dog is comfortable and happy.  We can do breed specific clips for most of the common breeds, as well as all types of pet clips.

Unfortunately we don’t allow owners to be present while their dogs are being groomed.  We find that the dogs are more relaxed without owners present and a dog pulling towards their owner when using sharp scissors can be dangerous.  If you have any concerns about leaving your dog please talk to our staff.

Our grooming is done in two sessions per day, the first session at 7.30am with a 12.30pm pick up and the second at 1.00pm with a 5.30pm pick up. Although the grooming itself may only take 1-3 hours, these longer sessions allow us to ensure all dogs are comfortable in the salon, allowing us to take our time while grooming especially for dogs who are a bit nervous or worried in the environment. We will usually give you a call if your dog will be finished before the specified time, so you can pick them up.

If you have other commitments that limit your ability to drop off or pick up in our allocated time slots, we offer full and half day stays in our salon, or on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday they may be able to join our Specialised Daycare at a small extra cost.

For dogs in our Playgroup and Out n’ About Daycare, we can combine your services and do the grooming in the afternoon so they are fresh and clean when they are picked up in the evening.

Playgroup / Out n’ About Daycare / Specialised Daycare / Walks

This will depend on your dog and how they adapt to the group dynamic.  Dogs who lack confidence or have behaviour issues we are working on may need to come at a minimum weekly to ensure they are practicing the right behaviours enough to remember them.  The minimum booking we take is fortnightly to ensure a well balanced and confident group.


How often your dog needs to be groomed will depend on their coat type and how much grooming you do at home.  Our groomers can discuss this with you and book in a schedule to ensure your dog gets the best care and attention.

Our Out n’ About Daycare, Specialised Daycare and Grooming operate Monday to Friday.

Our Playgroups operate on Friday and walks Monday to Thursday.

NOTE:  Playgroups and walks are currently fully booked.

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