2013 Telstra Business Women’s Awards

Suzie Hotink and Rhiannon I would just like to say a big thank you to all the Pups4Fun clients for making my dreams possible. A special thanks to Gwendolyn Griffiths who nominated me for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards. When I first was notified of the nomination I was not going to enter the awards due to lack of time. However, I decided I would have a go. The application was a long but what an experience! I could have never imagined what I would have got out of this process. Entering the awards gave me the first opportunity in six years to actually stop and reflect on the Pups4Fun journey. I was then shortlisted in two categories and completed two interviews in front a panel of judges. After the interviews I was named a finalist in both categories. Jane Kennedy, Rhiannon Mia Freedman

The ACT winners were announced at a Gala dinner on Wednesday 9 October. I did not win either category, however I am very proud of be named a finalist to be part of the awards. I would like to thank the lovely people and clients who sent lovely messages of inspiration to the Telstra team that were shown on the night. I am so lucky to have the greatest team of staff working at Pups4Fun that love their job not mention my wonderfully supportive friends and family.

I am very proud to be a 2013 ACT finalist in the two categories of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards. Thank you everyone!

Rhiannon Beach
Founder of Pups4Fun


Larissa,Kathleen, Rhiannon

Kathleen, Larissa, Suzie, James and Rhiannon

Rachael, Rhiannon, Jane Kennedy

Rachael and Rhiannon

2 thoughts on “2013 Telstra Business Women’s Awards”

  1. gwendolyne griffiths

    Congratulations Rhiannon on being a finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards. The photos are lovely. Your dress is gorgeous and you look so lovely.
    From your ardent admirers Sally, Ned Kelly and Gwendolyne

  2. Thank you so much Gwendolyne for giving me this opportunity. What a great night and journey it was. I look forward to being back all dusty and dirty with the dogs 🙂

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