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Specialised Dog Daycare

Located centrally in Weston Creek, Pups4Fun offers specially designed daycare for your dog. Daycare gives dogs that might not be suitable for our Daycare Playgroups due to age, physical ability or size. the chance to socalise and be around other dogs. The Pups4Fun Daycare is open between 7:30am and 6pm.

Out n About Dog Daycare

Out n' About Daycare is a full day of fun activities for your dog. Dogs are dropped by their owners to our shop in Fisher where they spend the day at PupsPark, our specially designed private dog park. Dogs also get the chance to head out on excursions around Canberra before being dropped back to our shop to head home.

dog grooming

The Day Spa has state of the art equipment and products to make your pooch smell and feel amazing. Like all Pups4Fun services, the Day Spa has an animal behaviour focus. Going to the groomers should not be a horrible experience for your dog, it should be a treat! Using our knowledge in animal behaviour we are able to offer grooming with the least amount of stress on your dog and help to make grooming a positive experience. We offer luxury bubble baths, full clipping and our very popular de-shedding service for all those short and long coated dogs. Something to suit every pooch.

pups4fun dog playgroups

Pups4Fun playgroups are great for busy owners with active dogs.  All dogs are picked up from home between 7:30am and 9:30am and taken for a one hour on lead group walk followed by one hour of playtime at PupsPark, our specially designed private dog park.  Dogs are then dropped home between 12:30 and 2pm tired and happy and ready for a big rest

Craig, Ceal and Louie
There are few things in Louie’s life more exciting than the arrival of the purple ‘Pups4Fun’ van on Wednesdays! (we tease him saying his girlfriend is coming & he looks cranky!) And when we get home he is sure to be asleep or wearing a spaced out grin like a happy teen after an awesome day with his friends. Guaranteed he’s asleep later,sleep-running & sleep-barking. We can read the blog to see what he’s dreaming about & who his buddy’s where that day. Thanks Rhiannon and hug and kiss from Louie!
Susannah K
Before I got my dog, Henry, I didn’t even know a service like Pups4Fun existed.  Now I can’t do without them.  They’re a reliable, friendly & professional team and best of all, they love my Henry like he was their own.  Earlier this year, in the lead up to our wedding, they looked after Henry for a few days and even left a bottle of champagne and a hand-drawn photo of Henry for us when we got home.  Above & beyond the call of duty guys! Thanks guys.  Henry is patiently waiting for you at the front door.
We have been assigned to Canberra for 2 years and completely rely on Pups4Fun to take care of our 2 cats when we travel which is almost every weekend. Rhiannon and her crew are extremely conscientious about caring for our cats and alerting us if there are any problems. Pups4Fun cares for our cats as if they were their own and we could not ask for better service.
I am very happy with Pups 4 Fun, Rhiannon and her team take such good care of my two dogs. Pups is reliable, punctual, very professional and every Friday I have two very excited dogs at the door ready to go to their playgroup. Thanks very much Rhiannon and Pups 4 Fun
Many thanks to Pups4Fun for regularly taking care of my two dogs over the past couple of years. They obviously loved playgroup and the most boisterous of the two, Oscar, was always exhausted afterwards (as evidenced by the photo). A minor miracle! When we return to Canberra we will definitely sign them up with your services again.

Our happy doggy customers

Below are just a few of the happy pooches that have been a part of Pups4Fun

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