Day Spa and Grooming

The Day Spa has state of the art equipment and products to make your pooch smell and feel amazing. Like all Pups4Fun services, the Day Spa has an animal behaviour focus. Going to the groomers should not be a horrible experience for your dog, it should be a treat! Using our knowledge in animal behaviour we are able to offer grooming with the least amount of stress on your dog and help to make grooming a positive experience. We offer luxury bubble baths, full clipping and our very popular de-shedding service for all those short and long coated dogs. Something to suit every pooch.

Specialised Daycare

Located centrally in Weston Creek, Pups4Fun offers specially designed daycare for your dog. Daycare gives dogs that might not be suitable for our Daycare Playgroups due to age, physical ability or size. the chance to socalise and be around other dogs. The Pups4Fun Daycare is open between 7:30am and 6pm.

Out n’ About Daycare

Out n’ About Daycare is run the same way as a normal daycare center. Dogs are dropped off to PupsHQ by their owners between 7:30am and 8:30am and then collected between 5pm and 6pm each day. The day will include a morning playgroup, rest session and then afternoon activities.

Dog Walking and Group Walks:

Pups4Fun provides Dog walking from your home and specialise in behaviour modification walks. All dogs despite their breed or size need exercise to keep them healthy and mentally stimulated. Pups4Fun Group Walks are designed to work with dogs that might not be suitable for daycare service, but still want the chance to socialise.

Dog Training and Behaviour Consults

Pups4Fun provide individual or group training options to suit you, your dog and your lifestyle.  Our personalised in home behaviour consults are a good way to learn more about your dogs behaviour and how to make changes for the better.  Our trainers are also available to take your dog out during the day while you are at work to train specific skills or work on any issues.

Training and Behaviour Workshops

Our Pups4Fun trainers hold regular workshops based on specific behaviours that you may want to change in your dog.  These short workshops are great for people who don’t have the time to attend weekly classes and just need some advice on things they can work on at home.  Workshops we hold include Loose Leash Walking, Reliable Recall, Confidence Building, Tricks and Shaping and Building Engagement.

Pet Sitting Services

Pups4Fun is currently not taking any new Pet Sitting Clients. Pet Sitting Services will only be offered to existing Pups4Fun clients. Existing Clients can request a Pet Sitting Booking by completing the below form

Pet Sitting Booking Request Form

Please note: Pups4Fun will no longer be offering Pet Sitting Services over the Christmas Period. Pups4Fun will shutdown all services from Friday 23 December and resume on Monday 9 January 2017.